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Electronic data exchange

EDI - data exchange made easy

Our EDI solutions (electronic data exchange) enable you to read or import data from SAP Business One in different format specifications. The data can consist of pure master data (e.g. articles or business partners) or complete transaction data (e.g. orders, delivery notes, invoices etc.).

The data import takes place exclusively via the defined data interface of SAP Business One, so that all in

SAP Business One required transactions to be performed.


Advantages & opportunities

Send information from SAP:

  • Business Partner Master Data

  • Article Master Data

  • delivery notes

  • bills

Send information to SAP:

  • orders

  • bills


EDI enables you to:

  • paperless data exchange

  • error-free and fast data transmission


We are looking forward to your contact!

We are at your disposal for questions about EDI or any of our other solutions!

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