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conKEP for SAP Business One

The additional shipping solution


The solution for courier, express and parcel

By using KEP, you reduce a multitude of manual work steps in shipping processing and increase their efficiency. The operation of various shipping software and the manual entry of data are no longer necessary.

Shipping cockpit

With KEP you can use the service of one or more carriers (e.g. UPS) via a central shipping cockpit. All functions of a shipping software are available to you. This includes tariffs and services as well as additional services (e.g. cash on delivery) and package types of the respective carrier. It is also possible to transmit various information to SAP Business One. Thus conkep enables you to work even faster and more efficiently.

Database Interface

The basis for KEP is the order and delivery data from SAP Business One, which is called up via a database interface. The information required here, such as shipping and payment methods, is used to generate the necessary consignments in KEP. After confirmation, the consignments are then sent to the carrier and the appropriate shipping labels and documents are printed.

Simple and inexpensive

For its users, KEP is easy to use even without special IT skills and requires only a short training. In addition, the automatic price comparison secures savings potential and thus helps to reduce shipping costs.

With KEP you perfect your service and increase customer satisfaction.

It lays the foundation for a cost-effective, timely and traceable shipment of any kind.

KEP represents a safe investment that pays for itself quickly due to the immediate increase in efficiency in your shipping and the low implementation costs.

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