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Medium-sized solutions

Why SAP?


SAP trusts us as partners - and vice versa

The strengths of SAP

  • leading technology

  • technical innovation

  • financial stability

  • more than 40 years of experience with ERP

  • international provider


The strengths of the partners:

  • Close contcat to our customers

  • SME orientation and experience

  • Offer as a general contractor


This creates added value for you!

Business challenges

In economically tense times, companies must achieve as much as possible with as little effort as possible - this applies increasingly to small and medium-sized companies. Let the experienced SAP consultants at conplus explain how you:


  • optimize the cash flow and your financial processes,

  • Make full use of your sales potential,

  • get deeper insight into your company,

  • streamline the entire logistics chain.

Technological challenges

Companies are always looking for innovation opportunities and optimization potential. IT is always the focus of interest here. Learn from our SAP consultants how to:

  • Avoid IT disruptions,

    Simplify your IT landscape significantly with integrated software,

  • reduce the time required for routine IT tasks,

  • Introduce software reliably and quickly.

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