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Modification for your SAP Business One


Enterprise Search

Find documents and business partners in seconds. With the clever enterprise search that runs across all fields in SAP Business One.


The designer offers

an abundance of document templates. Benefit from more efficiency: one layout for all marketing documents - making changes quickly and easily. Define how documents are processed: When placing an order, a delivery note can be sent to the warehouse at the same time, the invoice printed out in the accounting department and a copy sent to the customer by email.


You want to

keep an eye on bank statements, charts of accounts, budget reports or balance sheets at any time and also print them out directly? This and much more is now possible with the accounting solution. Reports and lists provide a quick overview of your entire accounting. Dive deep into your company with improved drill-down functionality and benefit from concrete evaluations at profit center, distribution rule or project level.


The Customize module is ideal for adapting a new or existing SAP Business One environment. A simple, efficient tool - no programming skills required. Use drag and drop to manage the fields and buttons of your SAP input masks. Every adjustment is saved as a rule. You can easily export these rules to other SAP environments.


Develop your own SAP add-ons with the proven framework, the basis for all modules in the country package. On the basis of C# you can quickly and easily program extensions as required.


Coresuite Country Package

coresystems AG is the leading provider of standardized additional solutions for SAP Business One.Learn more about the Coresuite Country Package and the possible modifications for your SAP Business One.

Coresuite Cube

In addition to the Coresuite Country Package, the Coresuite Cube offers analyzes and reports at the push of a button, so that you can use this application to extract valuable information from your data.

Benefit from these cube applications:



The analyzes of the sales / purchasing cube: sales per sales employee, margin per product group, sales comparisons per year.



The analyzes of the finance cube: income statement and balance sheet, tax figures, merging from several databases.



The analyzes of the inventory cube:

Inventory turnover, inventory check report

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