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SAP Business One for small and medium-sized companies

Purchasing & Warehouse

Wouldn't you like to produce more efficiently?

Every company benefits from systematic procurement processes - this applies equally to large and small companies. With SAP Business One, you coordinate the entire order processing, including incoming goods, invoices and returns. The solution supports you from creating orders to paying your suppliers. Cross-departmental functions help to reliably plan and cover the material requirements in production, to maintain parts lists and to automatically replenish stocks in the warehouse. Your company also has robust reporting functions that you can use to evaluate and rethink suppliers and your procurement strategy at any time.

Your benefits

You produce more efficiently, saving time and resources.

They always deliver on time - despite smaller warehousing.


Core functions:

Opportunity and pipeline management

Customer contact and activity management

Customer offers and orders

Invoicing and creditworthiness

Sales and pipeline forecast

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