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Picking & shipping with Produmex

The barcode scanner solution

Optimal warehouse movement with Produmex Scan

Produmex Scan is a powerful and reliable barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions. All major SAP Business One inventory transactions are supported in real time, including incoming orders, storage bin movements, batch / series tracking, picking lists and deliveries. Production order transactions for issuing and receiving inventory are also supported. Produmex Scan can also be fully integrated into SAP bins, multiple unit of measure and barcode / GTIN functions.

The strength of Produmex Scan lies in simplicity instead of complexity and offers user-friendly functionality without compromising on



Advantages with Produmex Scan

Use of barcode scanning technology to optimize all warehouse transactions

Reduction of storage and operating costs

less mistakes in picking

Fast adaptation to data & process requirements

higher accuracy than manual transactions

Complete real-time integration for immediate transparency

Proven implementation methodology and unprecedented support

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