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SAP Business One for small and mid-sized companies


Faster successful with SAP HANA

Would you like to wait longer for results when analyzing data?

Then rely on SAP HANA and track developments and events in real time. With the combination of powerful in-memory software and advanced hardware from SAP partners, you can query large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources in the shortest possible time.

You get analysis results faster than ever.


Make informed decisions faster - with real-time data


Accelerate business processes - with quick analyzes and well-founded reports


Develop new business models and processes - based on innovative software


Reduce total cost of ownership by reducing hardware, maintenance & testing requirements

Query multidimensional databases faster with SAP HANA

SAP HANA always provides you with exactly the results you need. Gone are the days when you searched large amounts of irrelevant data: the in-memory database optimizes your searches and reliably finds the information you need.

The result? Quick answers to complex queries - and well-founded decisions throughout the company.


Develop comprehensive, predictive models that fit your business needs.


Run multiple queries in parallel - with the same good performance


Get answers to complex database queries in no time.

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