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One step ahead of the competition with conplus and

SAP Business One - your strong duo for

Process optimization for medium-sized companies

Trading company

SAP Business One - for the trading world of the future

The modern ERP solution supports innovative business models in Mitellstand and turns digital change into a competitive advantage

"The only thing we don't do is build the counter"

David Fuchs, Authorized Signatory conplus / SAP Sales

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The retail industry is in a state of upheaval - in all areas.

Competitive pressure is increasing and the boundaries between the individual sectors are blurring. Wholesalers and retailers are subject to digital transformation and have to rethink their business models and open up new trade routes. This also offers enormous opportunities, as the booming online trade shows. In the last ten years, its turnover has risen from 16.6 billion euros to a total of 57.8 billion euros . A trend that will certainly continue - due to the Corona crisis, more and more consumers are relying on online shopping. In the second quarter of 2020, sales rose by 16.5 percent to 20 billion euros compared to the previous year.


Increasing complexity due to different sales channels and divisions.

The challenges are complex. Not only do the different sales channels and marketplaces have to be served, the merging of the boundaries between the individual divisions also leads to considerable additional work. Wholesalers want to have access to the end customer; Outlet, online and wholesaling occur in combination or there are B2B and B2C sales side by side. Many companies deliver their goods themselves or have them picked up and need the latest reports on the delivery status.

The result is increasing complexity, which is associated with a high level of manual effort. Often there are various stand-alone solutions such as shop systems, accounting, warehouse management and separate databases, which, however, cannot communicate with one another efficiently. There is no overview of stocks or sales. It is difficult to measure success and if so, then not in real time. If this complexity is not to lead to chaos, it must be mastered in an exemplary manner - through a holistic approach. This includes a software concept that can completely map and simplify all processes, and enables the integration of a wide variety of scenarios and at the same time creates transparency across all sales channels.


How do we cover your scenario with the help of a complete solution package and SAP Business One?

We would be happy to show you this in a free two-hour workshop.

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A strong duo - SAP Business One and Conplus


How can these problems be solved?

The basis is a centralization or standardization of all data. The creation of a digital corporate core leads to a decisive reduction in complexity and that is exactly what you can achieve with SAP Business One.


Ihre Vorteile:


  • Kostengünstige Lösung für den Mittelstand

  • Voll integriertes System über alle Geschäftsbereiche

  • Sicherheit durch Investititionsschutz: Lösung des Marktführers

  • Höhere Transparenz

  • Geringerer Zeit- und Administrationsaufwand

  • Einheitlicher Auftritt

  • Einheitliche Preisgestaltung

  • Eliminierung von Insellösungen

Ihre Vorteile

In this process, conplus takes over the implementation for you with the necessary adjustments and additions in order to map the specific requirements. We take care of you completely from a single source, regardless of the customer requirements in the SAP Business One environment.

USPs from conplus:

  • Single point of contact - holistic view in the SAP Business One environment

  • conplus are experts in the field of trade with comprehensive coverage through tailor-made solutions.

  • Efficient and individual solutions that are predefined but configurable.

From A for delivery to Z for customs

At Conplus, we know the requirements of the retail industry and can individually cover your needs with our uniquely comprehensive range of solutions with SAP Business One. As a SAP Gold Partner, we offer you our many years of experience and expertise, from which you benefit comprehensively. From delivery with status queries to customs clearance (with our own digital access to German customs), all processes are mapped transparently and in real time with our solution package.

Here you can find out more about our extensions.


They want to know how to reach our Lösungsnagebot greater transparency of your business processes and can make duty-relevant processes efficiently?

Contact us or take part in a two-hour workshop for free.

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